Silicone Nose Pads for Glasses Frames and Sunglasses

Silicone Nose Pads

In the early days of eyeglasses, there were very limited choices in terms of nose pad styles and features. Basically, most eyeglass and sunglass wearers either had a metal eyeglass frame bridge resting on their nose, or they had a metal or hard plastic material resting on their nasal area.

Fortunately today eyeglass wearers have many options when it comes to buying replacement glasses nose pads.

Not only is there a wide selection of nose pad materials, but there is also a variety of nose pad shapes, sizes, and nose pad mounting options.

A popular on-line discount nose pads store that sells over 100 types of nose pads and temple tips is Nosepads.Com

Glasses nose pads are available in a variety of materials such as silicone, PVC plastic, titanium, acetate, vinyl, glass, ceramic, and rubber. Among these, silicone nose pads are by far the most popular.

Silicone nose pads owe their popularity to the gentle feel of the material as well as their relatively low cost. Nose pads of silicone are also available in a myriad of shapes such as round, D-shape, softwing, strap bridge, and symmetrical. A website that provides in-depth information on silicone nose pads is SiliconeNosePads.Org. This site discusses all aspects of nose pads fabricated from silicone and also provides links to purchase these and other nose pads regardless if one nose pad is desired or a quantity of nose pads.

When buying nose pads, remember to consider not only the nose pad material employed, but also what type of mounting mechanism that the glasses frame uses. Other nose pad considerations include the shape and size of the replacement nose pads.

Happy nose pad shopping!

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